dimanche 19 septembre 2010

OH MY GOD! UFO's! // NASA STS-114 Below Earth // STATION MIR // PHOENIX 8 sept 2010

ses76                    |            17 juin 2010         

They are here.  They have been here.  They  will be again just as before.  And now it's too late to hide it.  It is  not an invasion.  It is an enlightenment.  But at first, you will be  scared.  History has been hidden from you.  So be full of all kinds of  joy!  Because its the truth.  UPDATE:  A respected former MUFON  investigator has told me that these are not ufos.  I've been seeing  something very odd recently (balls of light that literally turn into  ufos) and thought that was the case here.  They literally looked like  balls that turned into light and then these odd aircraft that I have  been seeing.  However, my friend was in the military/airforce and is  sure that I did not see anything unusual.  In fear that I was causing  confusion I took down the other videos to respect his observation.   However, it was one of the strangest things I have ever seen while  staring off of that balcony.  And that says a lot!

UFO - NASA STS-114 Below Earth




UFO - Phoenix Arizona - 8 sept 2010